News & Awards


September 2016

Dr. Lindsay Page was cited in the new White House report titled, “The Economic Record of the Obama Administration: Investing in higher education. To see the full report, click here. What a tremendous achievement, Dr. Page!

Sept. 6, 2016: Dr. Brian Galla's work on adolescent mental health and well being was featured in The Huffington Post article titled "How Self-Compassion Can Help Teens De-Stress." To read the article, click here. Congratulations, Dr. Galla!

Dr. Ming-Te Wang and his graduate student, Tara Hofkens recently submitted their article "Parental Involvement and African American and European American Adolescents' Academic, Behavioral, and Emotional Development in Secondary School" for publication. Look for it in Child Development in the upcoming issues! To learn more about their lab's research, please visit the Developmental and Motivation Lab website. Congratulations Dr. Wang and Tara! 

July 2016

July 5th, 2016: Dr. Lindsay Page is a co-principal Investigator of a new $2.18 Million IES grant. She joins Sara Goldrick-Rab (Temple University), Ben Castleman (UVA), and Bruce Sacerdote (Dartmouth College). Congratulations, Dr. Page! To learn more, click here

June 2016

Dr. Brian Galla published his paper titled, " Within-Person Changes in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Predict Enhanced Emotional Well-Being in Healthy, but Stressed Adolescents" in the Journal of Adolescence. Congratulations, Dr. Galla! To read the article, please click here.

Dr. Lindsay Page published her paper, titled "Improving College Access in the United States: Barriers and Policy Responses" in the Economics of Education Review. Congratulations, Dr. Page! To read the article, please click here.

May 2016

Dr. Brian Galla is the principal investigator project titled, The Disciplined Mind: Brief Mindfulness Strategies to Improve Academic Diligence. Dr. Galla will be co-investigating with Dr. Angela Duckworth. Dr. Galla received a grant that totals an impressive $306, 725 and covers 2 years of research (May 2016-May 2018). Congratulations, Dr. Galla! To learn more about his research, please visit our Faculty page! 


January 2015

  • Lindsay Page was interviewed about her research in The Chronicle of Higher Education article "How to Give Prospective Students a Better Idea of What College Will Cost."
  • Lindsay Page's Summer Melt research was featured in The New York Times article "Helping the Poor in Education: The Power of a Simple Nudge."
  • Lindsay Page's research was cited in the Education Week article, "Head Start Children Show Vocabulary Boosts when Compared to Home Care."
  • Lindsay Page's research was cited in "The Summer After High School Graduation and College Success" for Education Week.
  • What Works Clearinghouse reviewed Lindsay Page and Benjamin Castleman's article, "Freshman Year Financial Aid Nudges: An Experiment to Increase FAFSA Renewal and College Persistence."

February 2015

  • Jennifer Iriti and Lindsay Page have been awarded a grant as part of a Lumina-funded effort to develop a network of researchers on Promise scholarship programs and to build the empirical base of the approach. Jen and Lindsay will conduct analyses of the impact of the Pittsburgh-Promise on postsecondary outcomes and will develop the content for a resource clearinghouse for other Promise programs to aid them in monitoring and evaluating their programs. (2/16/15)

March 2015

  • "The Forgotten Summer: Does the Offer of College Counseling After High School Mitigate Summer Melt Among College-Intending, Low-Income High School Graduates?," by Lindsay Page and co-authors B. Castleman and K. Schooley, was the subject of two Institute for Education Sciences (IES) What Works Clearinghouse reviews, one review for each site, read the analysis of the Atlanta and Boston programs. (3/30/15)

April 2015

  • Lindsay Page's "Summer Melt" research was featured in University Times article "How higher ed can help students matriculate". (4/27/15)
  • Lindsay Page's research on Summer Melt was discussed in the NewsWorks article, "Can a Text Message Get Delaware Students to College?" Her and Benjamin Castleman's research on using texts to decrease Summer Melt is being used at the University of Delaware. (4/13/15)


January 2014

  • LRDC makes three appearances in the current Pitt Magazine (Winter2014). Science of Learning, a profile of LRDC, on pages 30-33, also on page 5 - Former Director Lauren Resnick, on pages 7-8 - new Center Associate Tanner LeBaron Wallace.

June 2014

  • Principal Investigator Jennifer Iriti and Co-PIs, William Bickel, Lindsay Page, and Rip Correnti, received a grant for "Evidence-based Tools for Right-Matching Students' Postsecondary Selections" from the Pittsburgh Promise. The research is designed to provide the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS), the Pittsburgh Promise, and Propel Charter Schools with a better understanding of the post-secondary patterns of their graduates, how to improve these patterns, and solution frameworks and tools customized to challenges and opportunities identified.

August 2014

  • New Faculty Kevin Binning and Scott Fraundorf were featured on page 2 and Lindsay Page on page 4 in the "What's New at Pitt: People" section in the August 28 issue of the University Times.
  • Lindsay Page's upcoming book Summer Melt: Supporting Low-Income Students Through the Transition to College has been cited in the Washington Post article, "Why smart, poor kids lied about college."

October 2014

  • Kevin Binning and coauthors have won the Robert B. Cialdini Award which recognizes the publication that best "explicates social psychological phenomena principally through the use of field research methods and settings and that thereby demonstrates the relevance of the discipline to communities outside of academic social psychology within a given year” for their paper "Deflecting the trajectory and changing the narrative: How self-affirmation affects academic performance and motivation under identity threat.”
  • Lindsay Page is featured in an interview about her book Summer Melt: Supporting Low-Income Students Through the Transition to College in the October 20 issue of the Pitt Chronicle.
  • Lindsay Page's research on 'summer melt' was featured in the October 19 Los Angeles Times article, "Advisors work to freeze 'summer melt,' get students to college."
  • Lindsay Page wrote an op-ed with Benjamin Castleman in The Chronicle of High Education titled "Stymied on the Cusp of College."
  • Lindsay Page's new book, Summer Melt: Supporting Low-Income Students Though the Transition to College was cited in the Aljazeera article, "Will Cristal's college dream survive the summer?"


  • Lindsay Page was listed as a 2013-2014 Emerging Education Policy Scholar. 2013


May 2012

  • LRDC's Tim Nokes-Malach's Publication "The Effect of Expertise on Collaborative Problem Solving" was Featured by the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology; This Same Work was also Covered by Futurity. (5/14/12)