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Providing leadership on motivation, learning, and child development.

Center Director


Dr. Ming-Te Wang

Vision for the MC: He states that his goal for the center is “to produce high quality research to advance the field of motivation.” Any good practice or intervention should build upon strong research evidence just as only good practice shapes high-quality research, but “to bridge the gap between research and practice is never easy work,”

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Center News

Dr. Lindsay Page is cited in a White House report

Dr. Lindsay Page was cited in the new White House report titled, “The Economic Record of the Obama Administration: Investing in Higher Education. What a tremendous achievement, Dr. Page!

Dr. Brian Galla's research featured in the Huffington Post

Dr. Brian Galla's work on adolescent mental health and well being was featured in The Huffington Post article titled "How Self-Compassion Can Help Teens De-Stress." Congratulations, Dr. Galla!